Materials Handling Batteries and Chargers

forklift batteries for materials handling

If you use an electric fork lift truck, Ecobat Battery Technologies can support all your materials handling and forklift battery requirements.

We stock a comprehensive range of wet lead acid and gel industrial batteries plus chargers and can cater for everything from replacement cells to complete batteries.

Materials Handling Batteries - Traction batteries

Electric forklift trucks predominantly operate at 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V or 80V, with the majority used inside warehouses, whether in a main distribution centre, food manufacturing plant or single use operation. The demands for motive power have never been so great.

With all materials handling batteries equipment the focus on energy efficiency plays a large part when looking at either replacement trucks or forklift batteries and chargers. This decision should ultimately be made based on the full life costs, so when your forklift battery requires replacement it is the ideal time to take all things into account.

Ecobat is able to offer OEM replacement forklift batteries & chargers, all backed up with a high quality fast and efficient service. If you are unsure of what you need, please call for advice and we will make sure you get the impartial information to help you.

We source our products from quality manufacturers, offer a large variety of brands and as we are not restricted to supply only what comes from a certain production line, we can provide the correct forklift battery or charger to suit your application, at the most cost-effective price.

As there are hundreds of 2-volt cell types and sizes, we will always make sure we identify your forklift battery precisely. You will also be asked for the real-world work load of the battery to make sure the battery size is still the correct one for your application. You may need to increase or decrease the size and subsequently the current charger will have to be checked to make sure it is capable of coping with the new size. Ecobat will at all times make sure that if you change your battery size, the required minimum battery weight is always kept the same for your equipment. If you are decreasing the size, this will be done by adding ballast weight to the battery to meet the minimum battery weight, as well as the health & safety requirements.

Monoblocs for Materials Handling

Monoblocs are also available for use as materials handling batteries in all the manufactured technologies, such as flooded, GEL and VRLA etc. from manufacturers such as US Battery, Lucas, Exide, and Sonnenschein. With a wide variety of applications using monoblocs, Ecobat will always work with you to make sure of identifying the correct bloc for your application. This is more important with monoblocs as the equipment being powered usually has limited space, which means getting the desired amp hour within this space is of the upmost importance.

Battery Chargers for Materials Handling

Ecobat's range of chargers is second to none, with the whole spectrum from standard 50Hz chargers to low energy consumption, high frequency chargers. Once again, the correct specification is important to ensure it charges the battery within the correct time period and to make sure the correct charger type is used for the technology of the battery, whether Gel, Flooded, AGM, VRLA etc. We are able to draw on years of materials handling knowledge from our sales and engineering teams based throughout our 13 branch network to help identify the correct charger for your application.

Rental options are available on the entire Ecobat Battery Technologies product portfolio to make sure you have every option to keep your equipment running. Short and long-term rental is available to suit any requirement and budget. If you are not able to get the capital budget straight away, why not rent then purchase the equipment you require at a later date? We are well known across the industry for our high quality forklift battery and materials handling solutions and we know you won’t be disappointed.

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  • 80% of the lead used in our production process is recycled.
  • From replacement cells to complete batteries
  • We are the UK’s largest independent supplier of industrial power product and services.
  • Our network of warehouses and engineers across the UK allows us to provide an Expert Local Service on a National basis.

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Ensuring maximum uptime

materials-handling-max-uptimeEcobat has made its name within the materials handling industry by providing one of the highest levels of service available. We pride ourselves on our first time fix rate and making sure we provide you with the correct products and service. As a company, we offer our customers high quality products, supported by exceptional service, which enables us to get the maximum uptime for your equipment.

The Ecobat Promise

We provide our customers with specialist on-site industrial battery advice, a wide choice of industrial power storage products and a single source for battery installation, maintenance and repair.

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