Fronius Forklift Chargers

Fronius Battery Chargers

Fronius forklift battery chargers are able to maximise the energy conversion from AC to DC, with the innovative Ri charging process yielding up to 30% energy savings.

So what makes the Fronius Ri charger different to other standard high frequency chargers? The patented Ri technology adapts the charge profile to the temperature, age, condition and state of charge of the individual battery, which means the battery does not overheat through over charging. This in turn reduces water and energy consumption and, even more importantly, results in a deeper charge that helps extend the runtime of the truck, thus improving efficiencies all round including extending the life of the battery.

Fronius Forklift Chargers Available from ECOBAT

ECOBAT offers the full range of Fronius Selectiva chargers from 2v to 80v, which will work across all fork truck fleet ranges. Due to their inbuilt charger intelligence you can have different trucks, for example a counterbalance and a reach truck, using the same charger. Simply plug the charger into the battery and the charger does the rest as it detects the battery type, condition of discharge and simply adjusts itself accordingly, to ensure the correct charge every time.

In addition, Selectiva chargers come with multi coloured display lights that provide effective visual management, as operators can at a glance, see the state of charge and choose the correct battery. Robust and reliable, the Selectiva range delivers customer savings charge after charge.

Need more information? Talk to our team and we can arrange a demonstration to show how much you could be saving in time, money and energy, which will help make your business more efficient and effective.

If you need to locate your chargers outside, that’s also not a problem, as with Fronius, ECOBAT is able to offer a complete IP54 solution.

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    • 80% of the lead used in our production process is recycled.
    • Making your business more efficient and effective and yield up to 30% energy savings.

  • Our network of warehouses and engineers across the UK allows us to provide an Expert Local Service on a National basis.


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Efficient Battery Charging

Reducing over charging and the subsequent energy loss, enables you to make considerable savings on every charge, which, depending on the application, can be up to 30%.

It also offers complete control of your charging regime as you can benefit from charging at the cheapest off-peak tariffs. This allows operators to achieve significant cost savings, which increases the energy efficiency across the entire fleet.

The Ecobat Promise

We provide our customers with specialist on-site industrial battery advice, a wide choice of industrial power storage products and a single source for battery installation, maintenance and repair.

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