Why the right Forklift Battery Charger is so Important

Forklift battery chargers

Forklift battery chargers are of course a necessity, but there are lots of options on the market and with most things, the cheapest one isn’t always the best idea.

Getting the best out of your batteries means choosing a charging solution that works well with your individual battery type, is easy to use, charges quickly and prolongs the life of your battery. This is where Ecobat come in with our years of experience, knowledgeable team and large selection of available solutions.


If you run one, have a small number or own a much larger fleet of forklift trucks then your priority is going to be keeping them running when you need them, that’s why having the right forklift battery chargers is so important. You don’t want them to run out part way through the day, when you may need it most. You also don’t want the cost of charging your forklift trucks to be prohibitive which can be the case if you don’t choose the right chargers.

Why use our Forklift Battery Chargers


  • Our high efficiency forklift battery chargers are guaranteed to reduce the running costs of your forklift trucks.
  • We can match the system profile and technology perfectly with our extensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Because we are independent and aren’t tied to any on supplier, we have a large range of options available, meaning we can provide the one that is right for you.
  • We offer a range of options to suit differing budgets and requirements. For example a high use forklift truck may need a different type to a forklift that is used just once a week.
  • We can offer the latest and best technology on the market at any one time.
  • All of our forklift battery chargers are available in single and three phase configurations.

Not only do we sell new forklift battery chargers, we also offer a rental service across the UK.


Battery charging is an integral part of any system and it’s something that should be considered when deciding which forklift batteries to purchase or lease in the first place. Up front costs can often outweigh ongoing running costs, efficiencies and level of performace. For any business it’s critical to get this balance right, so please do speak to the team at Ecobat today, by phone, email or form submission, to further discuss your forklift battery charger requirement.

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