Why Choose Ecobat for your Forklift Batteries?

forklift battery by Ecobat

Choosing the right supplier for your forklift batteries can seem like a relatively daunting decision to make. There are plenty of suppliers out there, so how can you determine which is best for your needs? Well, here at ECOBAT, we know we can provide you with the best. Here are just a few reasons you should choose us!

International Reach

Wherever you may be, it’s highly likely that there’s an ECOBAT supplier somewhere near you. You needn’t go out of your way to find us and our products! This is thanks to us being a division within the ECOBAT technologies group – a c$3 billion company which operates through the entirety of Europe. Our 29 manufacturing sites, alongside distribution outlets and depots, are spread across Europe, the United States, and Africa. It’s not all too surprising that we’re the largest importer and distributor of batteries within the U.K!

Experience and Expertise

As you can expect, as a company that has a huge net worth and international reach, we bring a whole lot of experience and expertise to the plate when it comes to providing the highest quality forklift batteries. We really know what we’re talking about on the topic of batteries, so you can rely on us to get you set up with the best batteries possible.

Certified Quality

When you buy from ECOBAT, you buy the best. We are QM system certified to quality standard ISO 9001.

Service and Maintenance Support

As a company, we offer scheduled, preventative maintenance checks, that can give your forklift batteries a much longer lifespan. These cover everything from annual health and safety checks for your chargers to weekly battery watering. Whatever you need, we can provide it! We can highlight potential issues and consequently help you to get in control, putting wrongs to rights and keeping everything ticking over as it should.

On-Site Advice

Our wide spread base means that we have engineers and consultants all across the U.K. This provides us with the means of giving brilliant on-site advice. If you have any questions or queries regarding what will be best for you and your own company, we’ll be able to take a look at how you operate and provide unique insight into what will best tick all of your boxes.

Environmental Efforts

We’re living in a time where we can clearly see the detrimental impact human activity is having on the very planet we live on. We want to reduce the negative consequences of industrial action worldwide, so have ensured that 80% of the lead used in our production process is recycled. In fact, we are the only global company currently offering a closed recycling loop for lead-acid batteries. This end-to-end cycle ensures that all old forklift batteries are recycled, while all new batteries perform to the highest standard. When you invest in ECOBAT, you invest in a brighter future for the planet too!

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