Why 2v Batteries are Perfect for Forklifts

2v battery for Forklift

When it comes to industrial products, 2 volt traction cells are increasingly popular, and a mainstay for most electric forklift trucks. But, why is that?
Simply put, these batteries are designed to withstand the test of time, as well as any physical test a forklift could put them through. A 2V traction cell has a long design life, which makes it a trusted model for everything from airports to factory warehouses.
It’s also often used in farming situations, and even if sports stadiums thanks to the clean energy it requires.
Still not convinced? Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of using a 2V traction cell for all of your forklift trucks.

The Benefits of a 2v Traction Cell

The fact that 2v traction cells are used for such a wide variety of applications should already tell you how useful they are. But, some of the biggest advantages, especially when it comes to electric forklift trucks, include:

  • Efficient cycle performance
  • Fast recovery ability
  • Low temperature performance
  • Designed with longevity and safety in mind

It’s important to understand how and why a traction cell works so well. A traction battery is actually nothing more than a series of connected cells. When those cells come together in a specific series, you’re able to obtain higher voltages of power. But, that power remains consistent instead of waning over time. They are specifically designed to give a consistent flow of energy over a long period of time, unlike most starter batteries.
As a result, you won’t have to worry about your forklift truck not having enough power to do its job. It also won’t just “stall” or quit on you before your job is done because of a dead battery.

Should You Invest in 2v Traction Cells?

The only ‘drawback’ to 2v traction cell is that it needs to be charged for a longer period of time at a higher voltage. But, that isn’t necessarily a drawback when you consider how long the deep discharge cycle for a traction battery is. It will last much longer before dropping below 80% than a traditional battery. So, you can charge it less frequently.
2v traction cells are also designed to perfectly counterbalance standard electric forklifts. They are heavy, strong, and durable for a reason! That’s something to be expected when you’re placing an order, so don’t opt for something lighter as it may throw off the strength of your lift.
So, should you invest in 2v traction cells for your forklift trucks? If you want to improve your production and efficiency while saving money and doing something good for the environment, the answer is yes.
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