Who are VERTU Industrial Batteries?

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VERTU is the result of VERTU Batteries and Ecobat Battery Technologies (who have been supplying forklift batteries and chargers for more than 65 years) working alongside one another to create a truly exceptional product. VERTU industrial batteries are ideal for saving money, while massively increasing energy savings at the same time.

So, how do VERTU industrial batteries work?

Improving the efficiency of a lift truck fleet is a constant struggle for many fleet managers, with the ultimate goal of maximising uptime, while keeping costs as low as possible. The new VERTU industrial batteries address this issue by manufacturing to the very highest quality. Coupled with up-to-date charging technology, this means that uptime can be utilised to its fullest, ensuring that efficiency is also maximised simultaneously.

One of the ways in which VERTU industrial batteries save your business money is by not getting excessively hot when charging. This results in lower electrolyte loss thus reducing the frequency of topping. In turn, this will save you labour time as well as maintenance costs. In addition to the reduced battery maintenance, VERTU chargers are compact in size and perfectly designed to be wall mounted in a convenient place. This means that they are much safer, free up floor space and more likely to avoid damage from any passing traffic.

Efficient Maintenance

To enable maximum uptime, VERTU packages from Ecobat Battery Technologies also have an autofill system included as part of their standard package. A key part of this is regular and correct topping up of electrolyte levels. The electrolyte level monitor clearly displays when the battery is ready for watering. It has a high visibility LED, which illuminates either red or green to indicate electrolyte levels. VERTU batteries, with their autofill system, make this usually difficult and dirty job simple, quick and safe, while also maximising the much-required uptime.

Similarly, the technology extends the lifespan of forklift batteries by reducing the amount of heat generated when recharging them. This gives a deeper recharge, enabling equipment to run for longer, again maximising uptime and ensuring that batteries need replacing much less often. Letting the battery cool down after a charge is one of the best ways to increase its lifespan. VERTU industrial batteries have an ‘available to pick’ unit, showing you then the battery has safely cooled and is ready for use.

Not only will this again save your business money but will also contribute to a huge reduction in CO2 emissions. Through correct and easy maintenance of VERTU batteries, the lifespan of them is extended.

Ultimately, VERTU Batteries and Ecobat Battery Technologies have produced an exceptional product and are so confident in the VERTU packages that they’re even supplied with a six year warranty as standard. VERTU industrial batteries have real time cost savings, enable maximum uptime with their exceptional energy savings and are much safer too.

Fleet managers will know that the correct maintenance of batteries is vital in getting the very best performance and longevity from fork lifts.

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