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At Ecobat, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of the best performing batteries in the market. Including deep cycle batteries, 2-volt traction cells, lead crystal batteries, lithium-ion batteries and more. When it comes to choosing the right battery, the intended application is going to play a big role in your choice.

However, whichever you need, you want to ensure you’re choosing a brand with a reputation for reliability, resilience, and quality. Here are just a few of the brands we carry and what makes them so popular.

TAB Batteries

A licensed partner of Tudor, Sweden, TAB brings an extensive range of lead acid flooded, VRLA AGM and VRLG Gel batteries to the market, with a reputation so well respected in the industry that other reputable manufacturers have their own cells built by TAB Batteries. Ecobat is able to assemble their high-quality 2V cells into batteries that match the capacity, voltage and dimensions that meet your needs. They’re perfect for a range of applications including forklift trucks, locomotives, carriage lighting, electric barrages, floor cleaning machines and much more.

Sonnenschein Blocs

A designer of compact, versatile batteries making use of dry fit technology, Sonnenchein blocs bring some unique advantages to the market. Chief amongst them is that they’re maintenance free, with no topping up needed throughout the battery’s lifetime. They’re built with safety in mind, the electrolyte is fixed in a gel so there’s no concern about acid leaks, meaning they’re reliable and sturdy even in uncontrolled environments. As such, they’re used in a wide range of demanding conditions, including mobility, marine, and military, as well as leisure and solar power.

Lucas Batteries

Designed to provide the upper limit of battery performance, ensuring uninterrupted supply is the key selling point of Lucas batteries, and they’re widely used in applications that demand a steady, high supply of power such as logistics and materials handling equipment, primarily forklifts. Lucas batteries Motive cell ranges are fully compliant with DIN/EN 60524-2 standards and are available in plastic-coated steel containers that can be matched to all DIN configurations. This closed cell design, with insulated bolts and connectors not only improves the safety of these batteries, but also makes them easier to maintain and repair as needed. Lucas batteries are easily amongst the most popular choices for powering forklift trucks and cleaning machines.

US Batteries

A global leader in deep cycle batteries, their products are designed specific to a range of uses, with choices available for floor cleaning machines, golf carts, marine use, RV, solar power, access and lift applications, and more. Their thick grid and plate design ensure optimum amp hour capacity and longer life cycles for each battery. They bring a higher peak capacity, a greater energy density, excellent rechargeability and real reliability in supplying power to any and all equipment requiring deep cycle batteries.

If you ever need further help in making the battery choice to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ecobat. We know batteries, so we know exactly how to help you.

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