How to know when you boat needs a new battery

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Dependability is integral to success in all of your operations. However, it is particularly important when it comes to marine projects. After all, when at sea, there are usually more variables and a greater propensity for unpredictability than on land. And if something goes awry with your boat, it’s not like you can just walk to the nearest repair shop. As such, it behoves you to spot the signs that your vessel’s reliability may be compromised. One of the most common causes of this is battery failure.

Whether you’re new to marine operations or an old salt, it pays to know the signs that you need a new battery or that your existing battery is close to giving up the ghost.


Let’s start with the obvious. Do you know how old your boat’s battery is? Were you there when it was installed or replaced? Most batteries have a 3-year warranty because that’s generally how long they’re expected to last. Of course, you may well get 4 or 5 years out of a battery without incident but after the 3-year mark, you should definitely be wary and look out for the signs that your battery may be on the way out.

Unusual performance

Whatever marine vessel your operation uses, inevitably you will gain a feel for how it performs under normal circumstances. If you start to notice unusual performance, this may indicate that the battery is on its last legs. For example, running electronics while fishing may drain the battery more than normal. When cranking the engine, you may find that it doesn’t turn over as quickly or reliably as usual or that the trim motor seems to be running more slowly.

Erratic charging

As batteries get older, they lose their ability to hold a charge. Thus, if your battery appears to be charging more than usual this may also indicate that your battery is on the way out.

Despite all of this, the volt reading seems fine

If, despite your misgivings, a volt reading reports that everything is normal, there are further checks you can carry out.

Checking the electrolyte’s specific gravity in each cell is messier and more time consuming that simply using a voltmeter but yield far more accurate results. Use a hydrometer to check the battery the next time it reads as fully charged. If each cell reads less than fully charged, it may be time to replace it.

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