Industrial Forklift Truck Batteries

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If you have a fleet of forklift trucks, you want them to run efficiently and without too much of a financial outlay. The forklift batteries that you use will be paramount to this aim. Both lead-acid and lithium-ion forklift batteries offer solutions to the efficiency problem. With a substandard battery, you risk break downs, poor productivity and a high turnover of maintenance. To combat this, you need to source the right battery that is fit for purpose.

Lead-Acid Forklift Battery

The lead-acid forklift battery is the veteran of the battery scene. It is a reliable stalwart of power provided that you purchase from a trustworthy brand. The 2-volt traction cells look like standard car batteries and can be utilised across all heavy industrial electrical applications. This makes them ideal for electronic fork lift truck fleets that are used in a manufacturing environment. With an electrolyte, sulphuric acid and water mixture, they generate chemical reactions internally that power machinery. They require maintenance to ensure that they remain in optimum condition. These forklift batteries can be an economical choice when considering the overall budgetary requirements of your business as a whole.

Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery

While they may cost more initially, a lithium-ion forklift battery could prove to be the more financially prudent choice in the long term. A lithium-ion battery lasts infinitely longer than its lead-acid equivalent. Even the largest and most powerful batteries can be recharged in less than an hour, meaning there is less downtime for your forklift fleet.
If you have a forklift fleet and you are running a range of shifts that require timetabling, a range of lithium-ion batteries is the most sensible choice. As they last up to five times longer, you will be buying fewer batteries over time and finding that your productivity as a business increases, meaning that you will be saving money in the long term.

Why Your Forklift Battery Choice Is Important

  • The right battery will save you money on energy charges. You won’t need to recharge as often or for as long.
  • Lead-acid batteries can be cumbersome and require a lot of labour to change them and recharge. Time and effort can be saved by utilising a more energy-saving battery.
  • You won’t be wasting energy as much as a more efficient lithium-ion forklift battery only expends 15% of its energy through heat, rather than the 50% energy a lead-acid equivalent wastes.
  • Lithium-ion forklift batteries can be safer to use as they are fully sealed, need no maintenance other than recharging and are simpler and quicker to fit into forklift trucks.

Batteries and Efficiency

A more efficient fleet of forklift batteries will help boost productivity within your plant or factory. This means revenue can increase, more orders can be fulfilled, and greater levels of profits can be realised. This is crucial if you are to compete with your rivals in the already ruthless world of manufacturing.

Don’t neglect the importance of your forklift batteries when powering up your fleet; they can be an integral feature of empowering your company to excel.

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