Industrial Battery Recycling and Why Ecobat are the World Leaders

Industrial Forklift BatteriesThe materials used to manufacture batteries can be harmful to the environment if not dealt with correctly, which is why industrial battery recycling is so vital. When you are sourcing industrial batteries of any kind, it is important that you find a supplier that has a dedication to industrial battery recycling and produces batteries using a sustainable process.

There are many industrial battery companies out there, but ECOBAT is the only global company that offers a closed recycling loop for lead acid batteries.

Battery recycling in the UK is governed by a set of regulations that outlines targets and guidelines for the recycling efficiency of batteries. These regulations state that a set amount of useful material must be recovered from each ton of batteries that are put through the recycling process. ECOBAT works closely with our recycling partners to ensure that we go above and beyond these guidelines at all times.

Our Commitment to Industrial Battery Recycling

80% of all of the lead used to manufacture our batteries is recycled and we are the world’s largest recycler of lead. We achieve this level of excellence in industrial battery recycling by investing in the latest technologies to ensure that all of our batteries are not only environmentally sustainable but also that they are consistent and reliable market leading products.

Through our dedication to industrial battery recycling and investment in new technologies and well trained employees, ECOBAT has created two of the industry’s leading battery collection and recycling systems in the UK and in Germany. BERZELIUS Logistik Service and G & P Batteries both ensure that batteries are collected, transported, and stored correctly before being passed on to ECOBAT recycling facilities. Batteries of all sizes from small button cells all the way up to major stand-by batteries can be processed in this way, so we can ensure that as many batteries as possible are recycled and they do not end up in landfill where they can do a lot of damage to the environment.

ECOBAT is the largest recycler of lead in the entire world. Much of that lead is extracted from recycled batteries, but we also process scrap lead and offcuts from the manufacturing process. Once extracted, all of the lead is heated in large kettles to 450 degrees celsius. This melts the lead and any impurities in it begin to rise to the surface, where they can be removed. Even these impurities are not wasted and, where possible, they are sent for further processing so we can recycle as much material as possible. The remaining lead is then refined to achieve a lead alloy of 99.9% purity.

No other company in the world has the same dedication to industrial battery recycling that ECOBAT does. We have put a lot of time and money into creating industry leading recycling processes and building the world’s largest lead recycling system.

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