Your fork lift truck needs recycling, who can help?

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If your business uses fork lifts in any commercial or industrial setting, ensuring that they operate in an efficient fashion is essential. The battery is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors. It’s not something you’ll think about very often, but  the fork lift truck battery will need to be replaced from time to time. When this happens, recycling it in the right fashion is crucial.

Most modern fork lift batteries will last for over 1,500 charges when following the recommended battery charging and servicing process. This equates to five years if it needs to be charged on a near daily basis. Whether you’ve reached that milestone or not, it’s important to educate yourself on the recycling procedure. Here’s all you need to know.

Your fork lift battery might not need recycling just yet

Fork lift batteries all need replacing at some stage, which is why it’s imperative to know about battery recycling processes. Nonetheless, there are situations in which battery servicing may enable you to keep the fork-lift batteries operating or a little longer. It is an idea that’s certainly worth considering when the company uses a fleet of fork- ift trucks.

When combined with the process of always finding the right brand and model of fork lift battery, as well as the best chargers, you should see positive results. This winning platform still needs to be followed by the right recycling habits, though, and ECOBAT is the answer.

Why you should recycle batteries in the right way

Before finding the right support, it’s important to understand the reasons for adding this assignment to your work habits and responsibilities. In truth, there are many incentives for recycling your fork lift batteries in the right manner. First and foremost, it’s a legal requirement. The UK Regulations are very clear on the Recycling Efficiency targets, and you should take the necessary steps to satisfy those.

However, recycling fork lift batteries isn’t only a case of doing what’s expected of you. Replacing batteries at the right time will aid productivity and staff safety. Likewise, having the right plans in place will put your mind at ease as you’ll know that this issue needn’t cause disruptions.

Recycling fork-lift batteries also helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Going green is essential in modern business, not least because it can influence client and employee perceptions.

How ECOBAT can help

ECOBAT is the ultimate fork lift battery recycling operator, and our operations are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 or EMAS standards. Meanwhile, we are the only company to use closed recycling loops for lead-acid batteries.

When choosing ECOBAT, you also gain the support of our partners BERZELIUS Logistik Service and G & P Batteries. Together, we will collection, transportation and storage of used batteries before they arrive at our recycling plant. We are the UK’s largest operation of its kind, recycling 80% of the lead used in the production process.

You want to recycle your fork lift batteries in the right way but shouldn’t let the process disrupt your progress. With ECOBAT by your side, enjoying the best of both worlds could not be simpler.

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