Who are VERTU Industrial Batteries?

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VERTU is the result of VERTU Batteries and Ecobat Battery Technologies (who have been supplying forklift batteries and chargers for more than 65 years) working alongside one another to create a truly exceptional product. VERTU industrial batteries are ideal for saving money, while massively increasing energy savings at the same time. Read More “Who are VERTU Industrial Batteries?”

What are Deep Cycle Batteries?

lead crystal deep cycle battery

Battery technology has come an awfully long way over the last couple of decades. It’s possible to cram a lot more power into the body of a battery than it used to be, but this isn’t the only improvement that engineers and inventors have been able to design. Deep cycle batteries provide a service that their traditional counterparts Read More “What are Deep Cycle Batteries?”

Lead Battery Recycling Process

lead battery recycling process

Recycling is one of the most important things you can do to protect the planet – but how is the lead from batteries recycled?
Recycling batteries is the key to ensuring they are disposed of properly and that the planet is kept safe and healthy. Incorrect disposal of lead acid batteries Read More “Lead Battery Recycling Process”

Industrial Forklift Truck Batteries

forklift battery for electric vehicles

If you have a fleet of forklift trucks, you want them to run efficiently and without too much of a financial outlay. The forklift batteries that you use will be paramount to this aim. Both lead-acid and lithium-ion forklift batteries offer solutions to the efficiency problem. With a substandard battery, you risk break downs, poor productivity and a high turnover Read More “Industrial Forklift Truck Batteries”