How to know when you boat needs a new battery

boat battery

Dependability is integral to success in all of your operations. However, it is particularly important when it comes to marine projects. After all, when at sea, there are usually more variables and a greater propensity for unpredictability than on land. Read More “How to know when you boat needs a new battery”

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Why Choose Ecobat for your Forklift Batteries?

forklift battery by Ecobat

Choosing the right supplier for your forklift batteries can seem like a relatively daunting decision to make. There are plenty of suppliers out there, so how can you determine which is best for your needs? Well, here at ECOBAT, we know we can provide you with the best. Read More “Why Choose Ecobat for your Forklift Batteries?”

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The Importance of Forklift Battery Maintenance

forklift with batteries

When you’re working in a competitive business environment you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your vehicle running times. Keeping your electric chargers and vehicles running with minimal cost can be achieved by maintaining your batteries correctly. Read More “The Importance of Forklift Battery Maintenance”

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Some Benefits of Using an Electric Forklift Truck

Electric Forklift Trucks

One of the technological developments that every big business enjoys and benefits from is the forklift truck. Every model of forklift might have unique advantages and maybe some disadvantages; however, choosing the right one for your businesses a matter that should be carefully Read More “Some Benefits of Using an Electric Forklift Truck”

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Electric Forklift Truck Maintenance

Battery Powered Forklift

Regular maintenance of an electric forklift truck ensures that is not only functions as efficiently as possible, but also reduces the chances of a breakdown and extends its useful life. Here are some of the items to include in your routine electric forklift truck maintenance programme. Read More “Electric Forklift Truck Maintenance”

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