Why use Forklift Trucks for Materials Handling?

forklift battery powered

What is Materials Handling?

Materials handling is a term used to describe the processes of storing, moving and protecting materials and products that travel through warehouses, manufacturing sites and distribution centres. Read More “Why use Forklift Trucks for Materials Handling?”

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Lead Battery Recycling Process

lead battery recycling process

Recycling is one of the most important things you can do to protect the planet – but how is the lead from batteries recycled?
Recycling batteries is the key to ensuring they are disposed of properly and that the planet is kept safe and healthy. Incorrect disposal of lead acid batteries can lead to toxic leaks, and this can cause many issues. Batteries should always go to a recycling plant, not the landfill. But what is the lead recycling process like? Read More “Lead Battery Recycling Process”

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Industrial Forklift Truck Batteries

forklift battery for electric vehicles

If you have a fleet of forklift trucks, you want them to run efficiently and without too much of a financial outlay. The forklift batteries that you use will be paramount to this aim. Both lead-acid and lithium-ion forklift batteries offer solutions to the efficiency problem. With a substandard battery, you risk break downs, poor productivity and a high turnover Read More “Industrial Forklift Truck Batteries”

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Our Industrial Battery Brands

industrial battery brand

Ecobat are privileged to have relationships with the world’s most highly respected and best quality brands in the business.This means that when you come to us looking for a solution, we will only recommend the best for you and your needs rather than pushing a specific brand. This means that by default you have access to a wide range of options, Read More “Our Industrial Battery Brands”

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Why the right Forklift Battery Charger is so Important

Forklift battery chargers

Forklift battery chargers are of course a necessity, but there are lots of options on the market and with most things, the cheapest one isn’t always the best idea.

Getting the best out of your batteries means choosing a charging solution that works well Read More “Why the right Forklift Battery Charger is so Important”

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Industrial Battery Recycling and Why Ecobat are the World Leaders

Industrial Forklift BatteriesThe materials used to manufacture batteries can be harmful to the environment if not dealt with correctly, which is why industrial battery recycling is so vital. When you are sourcing industrial batteries of any kind, it is important that you find a supplier Read More “Industrial Battery Recycling and Why Ecobat are the World Leaders”

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Why Ecobat are the Marine Battery Suppliers of Choice

marine batteries boat

Since the acquisition of PB Batteries in 2014, Ecobat has retained the reputation of PB Batteries as the UK’s go to company for marine batteries. Bringing in the knowledge and expertise within the marine marketplace teamed with the level of customer care Ecobat Read More “Why Ecobat are the Marine Battery Suppliers of Choice”

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What type of batteries does Ecobat sell, hire and service?

forklift battery

Battery technology has come a long way over the last few decades. Chemists and engineers have both been hard at work to find the perfect chemical formulas for their batteries, along with creating casings and internal components which ensure that the battery Read More “What type of batteries does Ecobat sell, hire and service?”

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Ecobat are proud to be a UK stockist for US Battery

US Battery selection

US Battery is one of the world’s leading suppliers of deep cycle batteries. Today, Ecobat is pleased to announce that is it now a proud UK stocking of the firm’s products.

US Battery is a leading battery manufacturer operating out of the US. Its products go into practically Read More “Ecobat are proud to be a UK stockist for US Battery”

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Ecobat even offers a battery service and repair option!

Maintaining your batteries helps you to save money and be more eco-friendly. ECOBAT Battery Technologies has an experienced team of experts who can take care of all of your battery needs. Our battery service and repair option ensures that all of your batteries stay in the best condition and operate smoothly. Read More “Ecobat even offers a battery service and repair option!”

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"Your customer support team continue to be of enormous help to us and thank you for making the battery process as painless as possible! Thanks for your help with this account, excellent team effort."

Ros at Hako

"Was stuck outside doing this job in the pouring rain, it is also a difficult place to get too. He didn't moan and just got on with the job and was a pleasure to have on site."


Fitting on behalf of Doosan

"Very helpful and professional, overall excellent service. "


Udaler Farm

"Above and beyond, thank you very much "


Stapletons Tyres

"Really nice, thank you "



"Having used Ecobat for 99% of our battery and charger issues in the North East of England and Cumbria, they will try and get out the same day, if not, it’s the next day, very good quick service will definitely recommend to colleagues and other Linde companies"

Linda Tallentire


"Ecobat provide an excellent service, often assisting us with tight lead times, quick response along with excellent products. "

Ian Rampton BEng Robert Reather

CEO Directors, Pallet Truck Services Ltd

"Lift Safe have used Ecobat for many years as our supplier of choice for industrial deep cycle batteries. Their service & delivery is second to none."

David Redfern

General Manager, Lift Safe Ltd

"We have received only positive feedback on the new Rapid Charge batteries. Thanks to the short recharge time our customers receive greater productivity from their equipment."

William Crane

Hugh Crane

"Fast response rate, quality work & products, highly skilled engineers and a great customer services team. These are only some of the reasons why we have had such a longstanding relationship with Ecobat. "

Mitesh Pindoria

Bestway Wholesale Ltd

The Ecobat Promise

We provide our customers with specialist on-site industrial battery advice, a wide choice of industrial power storage products and a single source for battery installation, maintenance and repair.

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