Battery Service and Repair


ECOBAT Battery Technologies has one of the UK’s largest service teams with the experience to cater for all your battery and charger requirements. Qualified to the highest standards, we listen to your needs and provide the support that meets your objectives, tailored to your specific applications. Working together, we can ensure savings by reducing cost and improving your carbon footprint.

Worldwide, the ECOBAT group employs more than 3,500 skilled workers and operates from 29 manufacturing sites in Europe, the United States and South Africa, alongside many depots and distribution outlets. It generates annual revenues in excess of US $3 billion.

Our national service network can provide you with a guaranteed service for today’s business environment, whether on-site engineers for 24-hour operations, or the needs of a single truck user.

The demand to keep equipment fully utilised plays an important part when it comes to working efficiencies, which is why Ecobat can provide fully qualified engineers to meet the needs of all our customers.

Battery service and maintenance

As a company we offer scheduled, preventative maintenance contracts that increase work flow, for minimal cost and cover everything from annual health and safety checks for chargers, to weekly battery watering.

Our comprehensive service packages highlight potential issues, such as the condition of both battery and charger, damaged cables / plugs etc. and help keep our customers in control of their overheads.

Maximise battery service life

Part of Ecobat’s philosophy is to enable our customers to ‘sweat their assets’, thereby maximising savings. As part of that process Ecobat can offer battery regeneration that can greatly increase battery life, lower maintenance costs and reduce the carbon footprint in the process!

Our Battery Regeneration / Battery Rebuild Services help to extend the life of a battery to maximise the period before a replacement is required.

  • Available for a one-battery user to large fleet user
  • All makes of batteries regenerated
  • Double the life of deep cycle batteries
  • Winner of the Swedish Recycling Award
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Fully certified batteries
  • Patented technology
  • No chemical added

Battery regeneration is a unique, patented and innovative process, designed to restore lost capacity and extend the functional life span of lead-acid batteries.

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  • Ecobat is able to provide site surveys to assess the condition of your batteries and chargers.
  • ECOBAT group employs more than 3,500 skilled workers worldwide.
  • We are the UK’s largest independent supplier of industrial power product and services.
  • Our network of warehouses and engineers across the UK allows us to provide an Expert Local Service on a National basis.

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"Your customer support team continue to be of enormous help to us and thank you for making the battery process as painless as possible! Thanks for your help with this account, excellent team effort."

Ros at Hako

"Was stuck outside doing this job in the pouring rain, it is also a difficult place to get too. He didn't moan and just got on with the job and was a pleasure to have on site."


Fitting on behalf of Doosan

"Very helpful and professional, overall excellent service. "


Udaler Farm

"Above and beyond, thank you very much "


Stapletons Tyres

"Really nice, thank you "



"Having used Ecobat for 99% of our battery and charger issues in the North East of England and Cumbria, they will try and get out the same day, if not, it’s the next day, very good quick service will definitely recommend to colleagues and other Linde companies"

Linda Tallentire


"Ecobat provide an excellent service, often assisting us with tight lead times, quick response along with excellent products. "

Ian Rampton BEng Robert Reather

CEO Directors, Pallet Truck Services Ltd

"Lift Safe have used Ecobat for many years as our supplier of choice for industrial deep cycle batteries. Their service & delivery is second to none."

David Redfern

General Manager, Lift Safe Ltd

"We have received only positive feedback on the new Rapid Charge batteries. Thanks to the short recharge time our customers receive greater productivity from their equipment."

William Crane

Hugh Crane

"Fast response rate, quality work & products, highly skilled engineers and a great customer services team. These are only some of the reasons why we have had such a longstanding relationship with Ecobat. "

Mitesh Pindoria

Bestway Wholesale Ltd

Quality control

To ensure full traceability, all our engineers work via an electronic service system and each job an engineer carries out follows a strict health and safety protocol, which makes sure all their work is completed to the highest standard. Our developed service system allows for complete transparency and a history for each piece of equipment.Batteries are an integral part of any piece of equipment and to ensure they are working at the optimum, Ecobat is able to provide site surveys to assess the condition of your batteries and chargers, allowing you to budget for maintenance and scheduled replacement, with factual information, which in turn, saves time and, more importantly, money.

The Ecobat Promise

We provide our customers with specialist on-site industrial battery advice, a wide choice of industrial power storage products and a single source for battery installation, maintenance and repair.

World’s largest producer of lead (840,000 tonnes/p.a.)
Over 3,500 skilled employees
QM system certified to quality standard ISO 9001 & ISO 45001
29 facilities located in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States